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"Thank you so much for who you are, Nichole and Carrie, you make a great difference in this world." Pascale 

"I don't know how to thank you enough! You were definitely placed in my life for a reason and I thank you so much." Lupe - Redlands, FL

"After much frustration and several disappointing attempts to obtain property insurance quotes for a home in Coconut Grove that I was interested in buying, someone recommended that I contact Carrie Loper. Carrie called me back within five minutes after leaving a phone message and the remainder of the process to obtain hazard and flood insurance was clear sailing!  Her patience, dedication, hard work, and professionalism gave me the confidence that she had the knowledge and skills to provide a policy that covered my risks at a fair and reasonable annual premium. Carrie is an excellent communicator and stayed in touch with me throughout the entire process and she provided much of the information before I had to ask as she anticipated many of my questions. If you need insurance, you owe it to yourself to talk to Carrie.  I love her competence and knowledge of the industry!" - Vic Obringer

"Carrie, I want to thank you for your GREAT customer service and taking the time to talk with me and explain in full detail my insurance coverage. You have my best interests in mind and I'm thankful for that. Looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with your company." - Michael Llewellyn

"Thank you very much for your unlimited efforts and advise during this process. Your detailed and knowledgeable attention have exceed all my expectations and previous experiences in any customer service I had ever was involved with." - Javier M.

"You both are fabulous. Thnx" - Barbara

"You Rock!" - Barbara

"I like your quick response and business approach, thank you so much for your assistance" - Maria

"Yes finally we close two hours ago. We felt so happy when they showed us all your documents in our file. We are very happy and pleased with your work. We were talking about that with our realtor Sandra Ortega. You will be on our top list of recommended services! Thanks for all your hard work and support during this hard process! Thanks" - Marinee

"Carrie: Of course you can share in your facebook. You can use my name too because I am so pleased with your service that it won't be fair to hide my name! Marinee Flores Marrero"

"Thank you for your hard work and your late work with my policies" - Marinee

"Thank you for spending the time with me and working so hard on the Citizens debacle." Nancy - Pinecrest, FL

You are so extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!! And you know why! You care!Loooooooooooooooooove - Pascale