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"She loves quality customer service and for sure is not getting it with the other agent. You are The Best Insurance Agent in my book!!" Sandra - Miami, FL

"Thank you in advance for your excellent work in the past." Steve - Ft Lauderdale, FL

"In Anchorage Alaska, had this opportunity to check email, will return in about a week. You have my authorization to do whatever is necessary, you are the best agent I have ever had. I will have to tell all my friends and family. God Bless and have a marvelous day." Steve and Henny - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Carrie: You are the BEST! We can now rest easier". Teri - Key Biscayne, FL

"I have a feeling you can read my mind......or maybe this is a sign we are in good hands with you!!!!!" Doris - Miami Beach, FL

"Thank you! You ladies are the absolute best! - Monica 

“Thank you for being so thorough Carrie.” Teri

"Thanks Carrie. I finished talking to the inspector as well and he will make some
changes on the mitigation based on information he will receive during the day. Then I will revert to you with specific questions on discounts and hope to get the meantime "Carrie" standard quick and full response. Thank you!" Harry - Coral Gables, FL

"Thank you so much for the follow up and level of professionalism." Alex - South Miami, FL

"Will certainly do. I sent your contact to my accountant and her three adult children. You are welcome to use me as a reference." Mary Kay

"Hello Super Team! Girls I'm super happy with the good news.... this is what I call EXCELLENCE & QUALITY!!!!! THANK YOU again for such a good job!" - Doris

"Carrie - Please do not worry about feeling that you are giving us the run around. Quite the opposite, you are making the effort to help us get the best program you can which is quite different than we have experienced from some of your competitors. We await any new info you can provide. Thanx again." Rick

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